Diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar levels are too high, it is quite common but this life-long condition can have serious health implications if not properly managed. One such problem occurs with the feet and wearing the correct footwear can make a huge difference in the health of the feet. However, in one research study, as many as 73% of diabetic patients were seen to be wearing inappropriate shoes. 

Keeping active by doing activities such as hiking is a great way to manage diabetes and a variety of other health conditions. But this added strain on the feet could cause further problems. So always make sure that you choose a hiking shoe that is suitable for your needs. 

In this article, we are going to be showing you some of the top extra-wide men’s hiking shoes for diabetes. We will also explore the importance of correct footwear and give you some handy tips on finding the right pair.

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Why Do I Need The Correct Footwear For Diabetes?

If you have been given a diabetes diagnosis then your healthcare practitioner will likely have explained some of the health risks that are related to the disease. One of these complications is known as diabetic neuropathy which is where damage occurs to the nerves that supply the feet and legs. It may surprise you to learn that the condition affects up to 70% of diabetic patients.

If you suffer from this condition, it is likely that you will lose sensation in the legs and feet. This may not sound too serious as a symptom on its own but when you consider the effect it can have, you begin to realize what problems might ensue. If you cannot feel the feet, you will not notice when blisters or sores develop, which is something that is common when your footwear is not correctly fitted. If these blisters are left ignored throughout the duration of your hike, they could become deep and potentially infected. 

What’s more, you will lose your sense of temperature which could cause the feet to overheat or become too cold. If you are hiking in cold climates, this could result in some serious foot health problems. 

The feet are affected in other ways too for those who have diabetes. It is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 people over the age of 50 who have diabetes are affected by a more serious condition known as peripheral vascular disease. This is one of the most talked-about side effects of the disease since it affects the flow of blood to the lower extremities. If cuts, blisters, or wounds occur, they may take much longer to heal. As a result of this, patients are more susceptible to things like gangrene, ulcers, and at worst, amputation.

Furthermore, this decrease in circulation can result in swelling of the ankles and feet which may cause your regular footwear to become too restricting and uncomfortable.

These conditions can be eased by having the correct footwear. Diabetics may need a wider fit shoe to address the issue of swelling. What’s more, additional padding and support are essential to prevent the shoe from rubbing and causing wounds that may go unnoticed. 

It is vital that people with diabetes do not wear shoes that are too high or totally flat. They should also avoid walking barefoot too frequently.

The Best Hiking Shoes For Men With Diabetes

It is evident that choosing a well-fitting, comfortable and supportive shoe is crucial if you have problems with diabetes and any of its side effects. Fortunately. There are several excellent pairs of extra-wide hiking boots on the market. These offer enough room to accommodate any swelling and have some fantastic features to make sure that your feet are well looked after.

1. Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 Wide GTX Hiking

These stylish hiking shoes come in a choice of two designs and boast a range of useful features. They have a solid rubber sole that provides maximum traction on all types of terrain so these make a great choice if your choice of hiking location is diverse. 

They are also great if you prefer to tackle mountainous terrain since they are designed with Descent Control Technology. This gives you incredible support on the way down, protecting the feet perfectly. 

The shoes are particularly wide at the toe, giving you plenty of wiggle room, and are both comfortable and durable. They feature Gore-Tex material which is essential for a waterproof shoe. This breathable material will water out whilst allowing moisture to escape, keeping your feet dry, whatever the weather.

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2. KEEN Men’s Targhee ll Hiking Shoe

These luxurious hiking shoes are crafted from 100% Nubuck leather which is durable, comfortable, and waterproof. 

They come in a choice of six colors so you can find a pair to suit your style, or perhaps purchase a few designs to match your favorite hiking clothes. 

They have a breathable membrane for keeping your feet dry and therefore, much healthier. 

One of the most impressive things about these shoes is the lug outsole that gives you even better traction. 

The shoes also have an external stability shank that offers some of the most incredible support you can get in a hiking shoe. This improves your mobility while keeping the foot stable; perfect for all-terrain use. 

There is a cushioned collar to ensure that the shoes will not rub around the ankle and additional arch support for even greater comfort.

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3. Danner Men’s Instigator 6″ Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

When you think about what a hiking shoe should look like, this is what you envisage. An earthy brown, robust shoe made for trekking. However, this shoe also demonstrates all of the important features that a good hiking shoe should have. 

It boasts an abrasion-resistant toe cap so that your feet will be protected and even if you put the shoes through their paces, they won’t wear down. What’s more, this durable nature is even further improved by the 100% Nubuck leather construction. 

Not only is this leather waterproof and strong, but when you couple it with the Gore-Tex lining, you are getting a shoe that will keep out water effortlessly. It is also breathable and will keep your feet dry from the inside out. 

They are fitted with a comfortable EVA midsole that offers excellent shock absorption which is great for strenuous or long hikes. 

But what really sets these shoes apart from the rest is the handy speed lacing system that allows you to get them on and get going much more quickly.

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4. Vasque Men’s Breeze At Mid GTX Hiking Boot

If you want a hiking shoe that is going to be well-fitting and durable then this is a fantastic choice. Not only is it ideal for those with wider feet but it is also made with a 2mm Nubuck leather upper for incredible strength and longevity. This also offers waterproofing so even if the heavens decide to open on your hike, your feet will stay dry and protected. 

This waterproofing is backed up by the Gore-Tex membrane which offers superior breathability. 

There is a Vibram sole which is one of the most amazing when it comes to grip and gives the shoes a non-slip quality that cannot be beaten. This is also thanks to the MegaGrip compound. You can use these on all terrains and be just as stable on a rugged mountainside as you would be on a smooth footpath. 

Your feet will be extraordinarily supported by the thermoplastic polyurethane shank that takes these shoes to the next level of foot support.

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5. Merrell Men’s Prime Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

With a robust rubber sole and a 4mm lug depth, you can feel confident that these boots will give you excellent traction even on slippery, wet, or uneven ground. They also come with a solid rubber toe cap for added protection for the feet.

But if that wasn’t enough, perhaps the TPU heel counter will impress you. This helps to lock the foot into the shoe and offers a great deal of support while you are walking as well as improved stability. 

The shoes feature a bellows tongue which prevents debris from getting into the shoe. If this was allowed, the debris could rub on the feet and cause sores. There is also a breathable mesh lining that helps to keep the feet dry and free from blisters. 

Depending on the level of comfort you require, there is a removable insole that gives you flexible support. The heel is fully cushioned for comfort and shock absorption.

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6. Merrell Men’s MOAB 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

These hiking boots come in a choice of six colors which is great if you want your boots to fit your personality. They are fitted with a Vibram sole which delivers an unparalleled level of anti-slip technology and grip on all kinds of terrain. The 5mm lug depth demonstrates this ability even further. 

They are crafted from high-quality suede leather and mesh making them lightweight, durable, and breathable. What’s more, they feature a bellows tongue to keep out small stones, pieces of dirt, and other debris that could serve as a way to create sores on the feet. 

The heel has a comfortable air cushion which helps to absorb shock with every step. Furthermore, there is additional arch and heel support to give you one of the most comfortable hiking boot experiences you will have ever had. Even more, they deliver out-of-the-box comfort with little need to break in.

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What To Look For In Hiking Shoes For Diabetics

If you have diabetes, you will understand that keeping your feet healthy is a must. You are likely familiar with the importance of choosing supportive and comfortable footwear, especially when doing strenuous activities like hiking. But not all hiking shoes were created equal and while there are a lot of excellent products to choose from, it is critical that you know what you are looking for. 

With that in mind, let’s explore the must-have features of a pair of hiking shoes for those with diabetes.

Soft Upper

Most hiking shoes will be made from some type of leather, suede, or other similar material. This is excellent because all of these materials offer comfort and are stretchable. This is extremely important when looking for hiking footwear that is suitable for diabetics. 

The reason for this is that having a soft shoe will eliminate pressure on the foot. The upper, which is the main body of the shoe, should be made from soft material and should move with the foot rather than against it. You should try to avoid choosing shoes that have overlays as these can be constricting and serve as nothing more than added pressure on the foot. 

Another reason that this is such a crucial factor is that if you do suffer from swelling in the feet, the soft material will be more accommodating. But even though it is soft, that does not mean to say that it won’t be durable, so you needn’t worry about losing longevity.

Wide Fit

The main purpose of this guide is to show you some of the excellent wide-fitting shoes for diabetics, but let us explain to you why this is so important. 

If the shoes are not wide enough to accommodate swelling then this means that they may put too much pressure on the foot. This will quickly turn to friction which can cause blisters and sores. As we discussed earlier, in diabetics, especially those with decreased circulation to the feet, this could mean that healing takes longer. The last thing you want is to be out of action and unable to hike for quite some time. 

It is particularly important that your shoes are wide at the toe and this part of the shoe should also be higher than others, giving you even more room for swollen feet. 

If you are in any way unsure, it is important to try the shoe before committing to it to get a good idea if the width and height are a good fit for you.


In addition to having wider-fitting shoes, you might also consider looking for hiking shoes that have extra depth. This is great for anyone with additional needs due to diabetes. This little bit more depth will allow you to comfortably insert extra insoles which a lot of diabetic patients have custom-made. 

This will also take a lot of the pressure off the foot as well as allow you to move the feet properly.

Adjustable Shoes

Since you may not experience foot swelling all of the time, this could mean that you end up having to invest in more than one pair of shoes. But if you can source a pair of shoes that have straps, removable insoles,  adjustable laces, and other such features, this will help to make the shoe more versatile. You must have control over the fit of the shoe to get the best level of comfort and support.

Soft Interior

If you have problems with a loss of sensation, having a soft interior is even more important than usual. Of course, most people are going to look for shoes that are comfortable; slipping your feet into something soft and cosy is far preferable to wearing shoes that have internal stitching that rubs your feet and a hard insole that feels like stepping on concrete. 

Fortunately, there are many pairs of hiking shoes that show nothing but excellence where comfort is concerned. Plenty of shoes come with soft insoles and seamless interiors. This will prevent any rubbing which could turn into a nasty sore or infection. 

A lot of hiking shoes also feature internal padding in places like the heel and around the ankle cuff.


The soles are one of the most important parts of the shoe since they will be making contact with the ground and are the main line of protection between it and your feet. 

A good pair of hiking boots will have a durable rubber sole with an excellent level of traction. This is a feature that matters even more to people with diabetes as it will give you added support and stability.


It is believed that more than 400 million people around the world suffer from diabetes and many of these people will have problems with their feet. But this shouldn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a hobby like hiking. Living an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to stay healthy, but it is important to make sure that you use the correct equipment to prevent damage to your feet. 

Choosing the right pair of diabetic hiking shoes will ensure that you are comfortable and that your feet are supported. 

This selection of the best men’s hiking shoes for diabetes features some incredible, robust, and comfortable shoes that are perfect for getting into the great outdoors.

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