Little girls are known to be very fussy about what they wear. If you have a young daughter, you will be familiar with the concept of dressing to impress; when did kids become so fashion-conscious? 

As adorable as this trait is, it is also vital that your toddler girl has footwear that is comfortable, and supportive and will protect her feet when she is out exploring the world. As a family that loves hiking, you will probably have had a lot of experience in choosing great hiking footwear for yourself. However, when it comes to finding the right hiking boots for your precious little girl, there are some other things to think about. 

In this guide, we will be giving you some handy buying tips to help you choose the best toddler girl hiking boots as well as showing you our top picks for 2021.

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The Importance Of Hiking Boots For Children

As adults, we know that hitting the trails requires a strong and reliable pair of boots but what a lot of people don’t realize is that children need just as much, if not more support. 

When babies are born, their foot bones are not fully developed and they do not form entirely until the age of two. However, the bones in the feet continue to develop up until the age of 13 and if they are forced to wear ill-fitting or unsupportive footwear, this can cause permanent issues with their gait and the shape of their feet. 

This all sounds enough to encourage parents to invest in a solid, comfortable pair of hiking boots for their young daughters but when you also consider that without the correct features, your child’s hiking boots could chafe and be generally uncomfortable. 

If you want your daughter to become as enthused about the great outdoors as you are, then it pays to give her a good experience from the get-go. Painful shoes will stay in her memory and maybe something that puts her off future adventures, but the good news is that there are plenty of brilliant children’s hiking boots out there.

The Best Toddler Girl Hiking Boots 2021

A good pair of hiking boots for toddlers will bring together all the important aspects associated with keeping the feet dry, comfortable, and protected. Unfortunately, there may be some substandard boots but after having tried a lot of boots, we have concluded that these are among the cream of the crop.

1. Mishansha Water Resistant Hiking Boots

While these are unisex pair of boots, they come in a striking array of colors that your toddler daughter will love. But aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they are extremely functional too.

They are made from artificial leather which is an excellent substitute for the real thing, particularly if you are looking for a vegan-friendly pair of hiking boots. This material offers a very good level of durability and is very comfortable. 

The boots come with a diverse pattern on the rubber sole which gives them an impressive tread. This makes them ideal for use on a variety of terrains, whether you want to walk through a muddy field or down a gravel trail.

For added protection, the boots have a TPR toe cap that will prevent unnecessary bumps yet despite all of this, they remain a lightweight boots that won’t weigh your daughter down. 

For children who are still learning to fasten their shoes on their own, laces can be very problematic. For this reason, the manufacturers have included a hook and loop closure that is far easier for little hands to get to grips with.

If you are faced with wet weather or the possibility of having to walk through a wet patch, this won’t be an issue since the boots are water-resistant.

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2. QTMS Kids Waterproof Frosty Snow Boots

These are, without a doubt, one of the most impressive kids hiking boots on the market at the moment. They come in a choice of four colors and offer a degree of warmth and dryness that is rarely seen in even the best adult boots. 

The boots have a durable upper that is fully waterproof. It is always worth keeping in mind that waterproof boots will offer a greater deal of protection against moisture than water-resistant boots. If you are going to be walking in a wetter climate, this is essential. 

This is a winter boot that has been designed with snow in mind. They are lined with an anti-wool lining that is super-cozy and warm. But this lining is also moisture-wicking so that the boots are kept dry from the inside, preventing chafing and blisters. 

The boots feature a durable rubber sole that is rugged enough to be used on wet and slippy ground as well as a variety of terrains. The anti-skid design will keep your child stable regardless of the conditions.

How the boots close is important where comfort and stability are concerned. Laces are great for securing the shoe so that it remains supportive but they can be difficult for a small child to work with. However, this design gives you the best of both worlds; a lace-up system that can be pre-tied and a hook and loop strap across the top of the instep for convenience.

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3. Biacolum Girls Hiking Boots

For toddler girls that are super-girly and love all things pink, a traditional pair of hiking boots just might not match their personality. But that is where these beautiful, striking pink boots can be a lifesaver. They have an eye-catching design that your daughter will instantly fall in love but they offer so much more than just looking great. 

These are low cut boots that resemble a sneaker more than a hiking boot and this is great for children who do not like to feel restricted in their boots. But that does not mean that they won’t be getting an excellent amount of protection and support. 

The outsoles feature a system of flexible grooves that give incredible traction and stability but also provide additional comfort. This is because the shoes will move with your child’s feet rather than constricting them. As your toddler’s feet are still growing, they need this type of flexible support that you wouldn’t find in an adult hiking boot. 

These boots are a great choice for children since they are extremely lightweight. The last thing a child wants is to feel weighed down by their shoes when all they want to do is play. 

Furthermore, they come with a convenient elasticated lace system that makes the shoes easy to put on and take off. There is also a handy strap across the instep which means your child can fasten the boots themselves. This strap also gives extra support on this part of the foot, helping to keep it from moving independently of the boot.

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What To Look For In Toddler Girl Hiking Boots

When it comes to choosing a good pair of hiking boots for your little princess, there are a lot of things to consider. You want to make sure that the boots will deliver on all fronts and in order to do this, you must be aware of which features are important. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our handy buying tips that will guide you to finding the best pair of hiking boots for your daughter.

Finding The Right Fit

The best way to make sure that a pair of hiking boots fit your child is for them to try them on. For this reason, there is no greater alternative than heading to the shops for an afternoon of retail therapy. However, in modern times, this is not always convenient and internet shopping is the way forward. This couldn’t be any more true with the current climate, it is far safer to shop from the comfort of your own home. 

However, it can be a little hit and miss and many people find that their hiking boots arrive and do not fit. But this can be solved. 

According to hiking boot legend Salomon, you should always measure your child’s feet before purchasing boots. It is possible to purchase a foot measuring device, known as a Brannock device (amazon link – opens in a new tab) for measuring the feet at home. However, where hiking boots are concerned, many manufacturers would suggest buying a size up and this applies to children’s boots too. 

Once the boots arrive, try them on your kid’s feet and test if you are able to slide your pinky finger between your child’s heel and the back of the boot. If you can do this without any gaps or without having to force your finger in, the boots are a good fit.

Choosing Boots For The Weather

Hiking boots come in all shapes and sizes and depending on the climate and current season, you might need to consider different types of boots. 

If you are looking for a winter boot then you should be checking that they have a sufficient amount of insulation. In many cases, winter boots are fur-lined. Not only does this help to keep out a draught but it will also be very comfortable on your child’s feet. 

Boots for winter wear are also typically waterproof. Keep in mind that when a boot is waterproof, it will not let water in whereas a water-resistant boot only offers a fraction of this protection. 

Alternatively, you may be looking for hiking boots for your toddler girl that is designed for summer wear. In this instance, you would need to ensure that the boots are breathable. 

As the feet sweat and moisture builds up inside the boots, this can result in chafing and blisters which can be incredibly unpleasant for a small child. 

You may also wish to stay with the waterproof option here because let’s face it, summer doesn’t always mean that it is going to be dry.

Getting Closure

One of the biggest irks of parents all over the world is having to put their child’s boots on for them. This can be hugely time-consuming but teaching a child to fasten their own shoes doesn’t just begin with learning to tie laces. 

Hiking boots for kids will often come with a hook and loop strap, in some cases, this is the only closure. These are excellent for little fingers and can allow your child to get their boots on with very little assistance from mom and dad. 

However, there are also some that come with elastic laces, sometimes called bungee laces which are much easier to tie since they have a lot of flexibility. As your child gets older and wants to learn to tie a lace, these are a great option.


The children of hikers are likely to spend a lot of time exploring the great outdoors and even when you go into the back of beyond, you will likely want to take your kids with you. But in order to do this, it is essential that your kids have the correct footwear. 

There are many toddler girls hiking boots on the market but not all of them can boast of being perfect for the job.

We have selected some of the finest pairs of hiking boots for little girls that will protect their feet and keep them comfortable while still allowing them to express their style. It’s a win-win all around.

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