6 Best Walking Boots For Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers

Plantar fasciitis can come on for a variety of reasons and it is extremely common, especially in those who are on their feet a lot. This condition can be incredibly painful and at times, may see sufferers out of action entirely, particularly if they do not have the right footwear to keep them comfortable. 

Thankfully, walking boots manufacturers have all kinds of feet-related ailments in mind when they are creating their shoes and this means that there are many excellent walking boots out there. If you are looking for the best walking boots for plantar fasciitis, then why not take a look through our top picks?

As well as showing you our favorite boots, in this article, we are also going to be giving you some handy advice on what to look for in your next pair of boots.

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What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis certainly sounds like a complex medical condition but the name simply refers to the swelling of the plantar fascia. This is a piece of connective tissue that joins the ankle and toes together and is located along the sole of the foot. 

There are many reasons why you might develop this condition and it can heal over time, although some people will have significant problems over a longer period of time. The good news is that painkillers and physical therapy can help to reduce pain and complications. However, there are more severe cases where surgical intervention may be required. 

You are more likely to get plantar fasciitis if you do not wear the correct footwear. Many people experience issues from wearing shoes that offer little to no support, particularly where the arch is concerned. 

However, it has been noted that a good pair of walking boots will not only help to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis but may also prevent it from occurring in the first place.

The Best Boots For Plantar Fasciitis

If you have been having trouble with plantar fasciitis, you will be pleased to hear that there are some fantastic products out there that can make walking a pleasure rather than a chore. Not only this, but these boots will give you the support you need and provide you with excellent comfort, and prevent future episodes.

1. Scarpa Men’s Zodiac Plus

These boots are fashioned from 100% suede which is a durable material. They come in a striking grey design with flashes of color for a unique statement. But this is not the only thing that should get you excited about these walking boots. There are many features that make them excellent for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis. 

They feature a solid rubber sole which is ideal for offering a greater degree of support and shock absorption. This sole also offers unparalleled traction on a variety of surfaces so no matter whether you are moving around the workplace or trekking through the mountains, you can feel confident. 

Furthermore, these walking boots feature a 6-inch shaft, giving your foot greater support where it is needed. They have a Sock-Fit DV which means that they will fit the foot more snugly and will cradle your feet, keeping them supported and comfortable. 

They are lined with a Gore-Tex material which gives you the guarantee that they will be waterproof and breathable.

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2. Salomon Women’s Quest 4D

One of the most important things to look for in a walking boot for plantar fasciitis is comfort. If the boots have not been designed with ultimate comfort in mind then you may as well move on to the next pair. Fortunately, comfort was at the forefront of the designer’s mind in this case. 

They are fully cushioned and boast a 4D advanced chassis that is designed to reduce foot fatigue and offer more incredible support. The boots are extremely lightweight which is great news if you intend to use them frequently, the last thing you want is a pair of heavy boots weighing down your already sore feet. 

Of course, when you’re out and about, you will need to feel confident that your feet are protected, even if the weather takes a dramatic turn. Thankfully, these boots are fully waterproof so will serve you no matter what the conditions. 

They have a rubber sole that will act as an excellent shock absorber but more than that, the sole has been created for maximum traction, making these boots ideal for all-terrain use.

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3. Asolo Fugitive

Made from a combination of leather and suede, you can feel sure that these walking boots will stand the test of time, owing to the durability of these two materials. They feature a 5.75” shaft that gives you some of the most outstanding support for the back of the foot and keeps you in place as you move around, limiting the strain on the plantar fascia. 

They boast a Vibram sole which is renowned for its anti-slip and excellent traction. These boots will take you from a walk to the local shop right through to a steep mountain trail and everything in between. 

Furthermore, where comfort is concerned, you will be hard-pushed to find anything quite as superior. These boots feature a Duo Asoflex midsole which offers the ultimate in both comfort and protection; absolutely perfect for people with plantar fasciitis. 

They are fully waterproof yet will allow air to circulate through the shoe to keep your feet dry, and this is thanks to the GoreTex lining.

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4. KEEN Men’s Anchorage Boot

If you are struck by anything when first looking at these shoes it will be the simple yet super-stylish design. A lot of walking boots are designed to lure you in with fashionable colors and quirky designs. However, these boots keep it simple but still, look amazing. They come in a choice of two colors; dark earth or black.

Rather than being lace-up, which is common in walking boots, they are pull-on boots which are great for people who struggle to get down to their feet or if you are in a hurry. 

They feature a hard rubber sole which gives you shock-absorbing advantages and will protect the foot from pain when walking. These soles are also perfect for giving you the best traction on all surfaces. 

The boots are extremely durable which is important if you are going to be getting a lot of use out of them and thanks to their versatile nature, you likely will be. 

They feature a breathable lining that will keep water out but release moisture, stopping the feet from developing problems related to a moisture build-up, such as blisters.

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5. Scarpa Men’s Kinesis Pro

Scarpa is well-known for its ability to produce some incredible footwear. If you want something reliable and durable, then this is one of the leading companies in the industry. This quality is perfectly represented in these excellent walking shoes which boast a wealth of features worth getting excited about. 

Primarily, you will notice that they are crafted from 100% leather, giving them the durability that you would expect from the brand. They come in a stylish design that is incredibly sleek and will certainly earn you some compliments. 

They have a synthetic sole that is rigid enough that it will work well with people who have problems with plantar fasciitis. Not only this but they feature a rubber rand for added protection around the toes. 

The shoes are fully lined with a Gore-Tex material which offers that all-important waterproofing and breathability. 

Deep within the shoe, there is a dual-density PU midsole. This is a durable type of midsole that offers extreme comfort and shock absorption; ideal for those with this condition.

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6. Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3

There is no denying that women and men have slightly different physiology and as such, it is important to find a shoe that caters to this. These shoes have been made with the anatomy of a woman in mind and will fit perfectly to your female feet.

The boots come in a choice of four colors so you can match them to your personal style or make a statement if you want to be bold. 

But these shoes don’t just look incredible, they are also highly functional and effective. They are made from a synthetic material that is fully breathable and comfortable. The boots have a thick rubber sole which is essential for plantar fasciitis sufferers. But the sole will not only give you great support and comfort, it will also give you excellent traction on all terrains.

This means that these boots are ideal for a variety of uses. This is achieved by blending two different types of rubber to gain the benefits of both. 

They feature an EVA midsole, while this may not be quite as durable as the PU alternative, it will offer unrivaled comfort and support for the arches and heels, which is of the utmost importance where plantar fasciitis is concerned.

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What To Look For In A Walking Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

When you are shopping for a pair of good quality walking boots to alleviate your plantar fasciitis, it is vital that you look at various elements to ensure that they are up to the challenge. 

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the important features that must be present in a pair of walking boots that will be suitable for those with plantar fasciitis.


When you are struggling with plantar fasciitis, it is not only essential that you have excellent cushioning and support inside the shoe but on the outside too. For this reason, it is vital that you choose a pair of shoes that feature a rigid sole.

In the world of walking boots, this feature is not hard to come by but you want to make sure that having a rigid sole doesn’t compromise comfort. 

The soles ought to also feature an anti-slip pattern, known as lugging. The deeper the lugging, the more traction the boots will have. This not only prevents accidents and potential injuries but stability also equals better support. 

Not only this, but this solid sole will have the ability to absorb shock, preventing a reverberating pain through what is an already uncomfortable condition. It might also be a good idea to couple this feature with a cushioned midsole for even better shock absorption.

Support For The Heel And Arch

One of the most common reasons that people develop this painful condition is that they have not been wearing shoes that offer adequate protection to the heels and arches of the feet. 

When you are looking for walking boots for plantar fasciitis, one of the main features should be that the shoes have excellent heel and arch support. If you find a shoe that you love but you don’t think that the arch support is substantial enough, there is the option of using a plantar fasciitis insert (amazon link)

Doing this can either boost the existing support or put support in place that wasn’t there previously. This is a good option for those who want an affordable yet effective solution without having to splash out on an entirely new pair of boots.


It is no secret that an excellent pair of walking boots don’t come incredibly cheap but that is not to say that you cannot find some fantastic budget-friendly options. 

The key is to put the cost to one side and look at some of the features we have discussed. If a shoe meets your expectations then the cost doesn’t make much of a difference. Of course, as with anything, you pay for quality and there are certain brands that are well-known for producing some of the best walking boots on the market. 

If you are able, it can be worth investing in a solid pair of walking boots that will stand the test of time over a pair that may begin to wear quickly.

Heel Counter

The heel counter is the portion of the shoe at the back, which covers the Achilles tendon; the part where you would insert a shoehorn if you needed to. This offers support for the back of the foot but also stops you from overstretching which can cause further pain where plantar fasciitis is concerned. 

When looking at this aspect of the walking boots, you should be searching for a heel counter that is firm and will keep the foot in place.

Consider Your Gait

Regardless of what shoes you are wearing, a great way to determine whether you might face problems with the feet is to look at your gait when you wear them. 

Imagine somebody wearing incredibly tall stiletto shoes, their gait would likely be a little awkward with smaller strides compared to someone who is wearing a pair of supportive boots. 

It may come as a surprise to learn that what you wear on your feet can alter how you move. But this is a crucial factor to consider. Before you commit to any particular pair of walking boots, you should try them on and see whether they cause you to walk in an awkward manner. 

If your gait is anything less than what you would consider being normal, it could be that the shoes are not right for you.


Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the plantar fascia, a piece of connective tissue in the foot becomes inflamed. It is very common but also extremely painful and in some cases, it can put people off their feet while they heal. 

But one way that you can help the condition is to wear the correct shoes. A good pair of walking boots are essential and will ease your pain in several ways. They will offer support to the foot as well as comfort, allowing for better healing. These elements will also help to prevent further problems with the condition in the future. 

These are some of our favorite walking boots for plantar fasciitis, each of them designed to support the foot in unparalleled ways while remaining stylish and protected.

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