When you think of hiking, you might not instantly think of sandals; this type of footwear is usually associated with beaches and casual wear. However, in recent years, many durable and supportive sandals have been brought to the forefront of the hiking market. These shoes are not designed in the same way as typical sandals but offer support and comfort that could easily rival your favorite pair of hiking boots. 

The fit of your hiking footwear is one of the most important considerations and since many women have wider feet, manufacturers have designed footwear to meet this need

In summer, the weather may be too warm to wear boots and it is likely that you will want your feet to breathe, at the same time as being protected. If this sounds familiar, you have come to the right place because, in this guide, we are going to be looking at some of the best hiking sandals for women’s wide feet.

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An Introduction To Hiking Sandals

A lot of us are accustomed to searching for a pair of hiking boots for walking without giving any other type of footwear a second thought. But how many times have you been on a trail in the height of summer feeling as though your feet are burning up inside a heavy boot? You wouldn’t be alone. 

Hiking boots are excellent, we’ve talked about that plenty of times, but in some cases, the conditions call for something a little more lightweight and breathable. That is where the hiking sandal comes in. 

Unlike other types of sandals, these shoes are designed with durability and support in mind. If you are in the mood for outdoor exploration, you need something that can withstand the pressure of walking over challenging terrain. This begins with the materials; hiking sandals are made from leather or synthetic material that is designed to be just as strong. Furthermore, hiking sandals have much better traction than a traditional pair of sandals so are ideal for walking on uneven ground. This is thanks to the design of the sole which will typically be a lot thicker than other sandals which are vital to protect the feet. 

Hiking sandals are also an excellent choice for people who want to experience all that life has to offer and jump in at the deep end – literally. When you are wearing hiking boots, you must be careful not to get them wet. While many are waterproof, once water does get in, they are very difficult to dry. 

Conversely, a good pair of hiking sandals are designed to be used where there may be water; wading through the sea, passing across a stream, or splashing through puddles. They are often water-resistant and quick-drying, so you can get on with exploring nature without having to worry about having wet feet.

The 6 Best Hiking Sandals For Women’s Wide Feet

One of the biggest irks for people with wide feet is that they find it difficult to source a pair of hiking sandals that fit comfortably. If your footwear is tight, this can cause the sandals to rub on the feet or constrict them in ways that could be damaging. 

To avoid this, finding a pair of hiking sandals for women’s wide feet is crucial. Fortunately, there are many to choose from. In our opinion, these are six of the best!

1. Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

When you are enjoying your hike, it is likely that you will come into contact with water at some point or another and that is why a pair of hiking sandals must be water ready. This is exactly what you are getting with this pair, and so much more. 

The Tirra sandal comes in a huge range of colors so your style needn’t be compromised for comfort. But you will certainly be getting comfort as well. This is thanks to the layered sole which features an EVA top sole as well as a compression-molded EVA midsole, delivering optimum comfort regardless of the terrain. 

What’s more, these sandals feature multiple straps which are fastened using a hook and loop closure for added comfort and support. The heel is fitted with a shock-absorbing pad which is essential when out in the wilds. 

The sandals boast a nylon support shank that gives you stability from the ground up and the rubber sole offers some of the most competitive tread on the market.

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2. KEEN Women’s Newport H2

This is another pair of sandals that gives you an excellent choice when it comes to color and style. What’s more, they are reasonably priced so you could invest in a few pairs to match different outfits. They come in sizes up to 11 making them perfect for women with larger feet.

The sandals feature a toe bumper which is crucial for when you are on rocky or sharp ground and will prevent injury. However, in some hiking sandals for women’s wide feet, this toe bumper may compromise space. That is not the case with this shoe, you will still have plenty of wiggle room to keep the feet comfortable. 

No matter what you put the sandals through, they will have you covered; they have a water-resistant upper that is fast-drying allowing you to explore wet and dry areas with ease. Furthermore, the multi-directional lugs mean that the traction you get on wet or slippery terrain is second to none. 

The sandals boast a lace-lock bungee closure to keep them from sliding as you move. This also means that you are getting additional support. If all of that wasn’t enough, the sandals also have an anti-odor system to keep them fresh no matter what you get up to.

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3. Chaco Women’s Banded Z Cloud

One of the first things that you will notice when looking at these shoes is the incredible design; it immediately jumps out at you and makes you shout ‘I want those shoes!’ Of course, looks aren’t everything but it certainly helps to have a pair of shoes that make you feel good. 

Moving on to the practicalities of these shoes, you will notice that they are made from 100% suede which is both soft and durable, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and durability. 

They feature a Gore-Tex lining which is extremely adept at keeping water out while allowing good airflow around the shoe to release moisture. This is essential in a winter shoe since the last thing you want is soggy feet after a long day, this could cause your shoes to rub and result in blisters and sores. 

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4. KEEN Whisper Women’s Sandal

If you prefer a hiking sandal with a covered toe, you must be careful that this area is wide enough to comfortably house your feet. These sandals deliver on this impeccably. The toe cover provides additional protection from bumping the toes on rocks or other obstacles but will not constrict the feet, making them perfect for those with a greater foot width. 

They come in an excellent range of colors, far too many for us to list here, but you certainly won’t have a problem finding a pair that matches your style. The Whisper sandals are made from polyester which gives them incredible durability and features a hardy rubber sole that will withstand whatever you put it through. This rubber sole has improved traction making the sandals ideal for a variety of ground types. 

If you are concerned that a hiking sandal will not feel as secure on the feet then this is a great shoe to choose. It features a secure lace fit that won’t move about, no matter what you do. 

In terms of comfort, you couldn’t ask for more; wearing these is akin to walking on a cushioned path. This is thanks to the EVA footbed; EVA is the preferred option for those who want additional comfort that contours to the foot.

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5. Xero Shoes Z-Trek

For anyone who wants to feel the benefit of walking barefoot with the protection of a shoe; these are an excellent choice. Not only this, but the extreme minimal design makes these the ideal sandals for anyone with a wider foot. Furthermore, the simple black color makes them suitable for all tastes. 

But even with a design like this, these are an amazingly durable pair of sandals. So much so that the manufacturer offers a 5000-mile warranty. This comes as even more of a surprise when you learn that the sandals are incredibly lightweight and just 5.5mm thick. They are 70% lighter than other sandals in this category.

The heel is completely flat which allows for a more natural posture and the sandals are easy to slip on and off while remaining supportive and stable. But this does not compromise on the excellent level of traction that the soles offer. 

If you are planning to trek through streams, rivers, or the ocean then these are a great option since they are water-resistant and extremely quick-drying.

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6. Viakix Women’s Sandals

If you want something that is a little more fashionable, but still supportive, then these are a great choice. They feature a pretty design on the front straps and plenty of room for wide feet. The sandals come in four colors; navy, sand, grey and black.

One of the most notable things about these sandals is that they feature improved traction so will work well on almost any ground; wet, dry, rocky, sandy, you’re covered. If you intend on getting wet, you needn’t worry since these are completely water-ready and will dry out quickly once you are back on dry land. 

You will also notice how comfortable the sandals are. This is owing to several factors. Primarily, the lightweight design; the last thing you want when you are out and about is to be wearing sandals that weigh you down. Furthermore, they have an EVA midsole that is ergonomically designed to support the arch, keeping you comfortable at all times.

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What To Look For In Hiking Sandals For Women’s Wide Feet

All of the hiking sandals we have looked at are fantastic for many reasons, but each of us will use our hiking sandals in a different way. For this reason, we must look at the unique features to determine whether the shoe will work well for our needs. Let’s take a look at what you should expect from a quality hiking sandal.

Type Of Sandals

Hiking sandals are the most robust and are perfect for long hikes, especially those that take place over rough terrain. However, you may be able to choose a different type of robust sandal if you plan to take things a little easier. In some cases, this can give you a little more room for wider feet. 

  • Athletic sandals are very similar to hiking sandals but tend to be a lot more lightweight. 
  • Beach sandals have very good traction but are typically more water-resistant than traditional hiking sandals. 
  • Water sandals are the most water-resistant but still offer a great degree of traction, particularly on wet ground.


When you have wider feet, having adjustable straps is a must. You may find that your feet are wider in one place and these straps will allow you to secure the sandals to fit your feet exactly. 

Furthermore, if you are unfortunate enough to experience any irritation or swelling while out on a hike, you have the option to adjust your sandals and remain comfortable.

Water Ready

Earlier, we touched on the importance of water readiness in hiking sandals. If you don’t plan to use the sandals where there will be water then this isn’t as much of a consideration. However, many people will go for a sandal so that they can explore wetter places. 

A lot of hiking sandals are water-ready and will dry quickly but this is something that you should check.

Covered Or Open Toe?

When you are shopping for hiking sandals for women’s wide feet, you must think about whether you want an open or closed-toe. For some women with wider feet, having an open toe will feel much less restricting and can mean the difference between comfort and pain. 

But it is crucial to remember that this does leave the toes open to injury. If you are on uneven ground, there is a chance of bumping into rocks or other items. 

A good alternative is to have a raised toe section, known as a toe bumper. This puts a barrier between your tootsies and any obstructions without compromising on space.

Shock Resistance

One of the greatest things about hiking is that it allows you to explore parts of the world that other people don’t get to see. However, nature doesn’t stop for anyone and if you are going to go out into it, you need to be prepared. 

You may find that a pair of sandals with a shock-absorbing layer is something of a lifesaver. As you traverse over rough ground, your feet are put through a lot; each step sends shockwaves through your feet and up your legs. If this is allowed to continue over long periods, you may end up with joint problems and pain. 

However, an EVA midsole or a heel pad can alleviate this problem and give you a much more comfortable hiking experience.


In modern times, we have all become accustomed to gender mattering a lot less; and that’s great. But where hiking sandals are concerned, it is important to try to opt for a pair that has been designed with your gender in mind. 

A lot of women have wide feet and women’s hiking sandals have been crafted with this in mind. A lot of women find that their feet are wider at the toe but narrower at the heel and when you wear a gender-specific pair of sandals, you will notice a huge improvement in the overall fit.


There are times when a sturdy pair of hiking boots is the only answer; climbing steep mountain slopes or trudging through snowy terrain. However, this type of footwear may not always be suitable; there are some instances where a hiking sandal comes in much handier. 

These shoes are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable but still give you the support you would expect from hiking footwear. 

For women who have wider feet, finding a good fit can be challenging but our selection of the best hiking sandals for women’s wide feet all feature the essential components of a wide-fit shoe.

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