If you have a small son, you will know how much little boys love to get out and explore the world. They have a sense of fun and adventure that so many parents love to nurture. However, while it can be amazing to watch your little man thrive in nature, it is important to make sure that he does so with protected feet. 

At a young age, your little soldier’s feet are still growing and if he does not wear supportive footwear, this could cause damage and discomfort. The last thing any parent wants is for their child to be put off their feet so investing in a stable and comfortable pair of hiking sandals will prevent this. 

In this article, we are going to be looking at our top picks for toddler boy hiking sandals as well as giving you some handy buying tips to help you ensure that you always end up with the best pair. After all, your little hiker deserves it.

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Why Hiking Sandals?

When you first think about hiking, you would likely imagine a sturdy pair of hiking boots, and of course, these are a great thing to have. However, there are times when hiking boots or even shoes are too much for the situation but a great alternative is a pair of hiking sandals. 

Whether you intend on taking your child out into the wilderness for their first taste of exploration or simply want a pair of protective shoes for their day to day outdoor play, hiking sandals are a choice worth considering. 

It can be tempting to purchase one of the thousands of pairs of fashion sandals for kids but there are several problems with these. Primarily, they are not designed in the same way as hiking sandals and are geared more towards making an outfit look cute. 

That being said, modern toddler boy hiking sandals come in some amazing designs so you needn’t worry that they won’t look the part. However, on top of this, they are also built to stand up to the challenge of time spent outdoors, whereas fashion sandals are not. 

They have features like water-resistance, improved traction, and a layered sole for ultimate comfort. If you are going to be doing anything outside with your son, a pair of hiking sandals are essential.

They are perfect for warmer weather and for times when your child might engage in wet play, such as around the pool or at the beach.

The Best Toddler Boys Hiking Sandals 2021

If you have never purchased hiking sandals for your toddler before, you might be surprised at the wealth of available options. This can become off-putting, especially if you aren’t sure what to look for. 

But don’t fret, we have done a lot of the hard work for you and sourced what we believe to be some of the most reliable and supportive toddler boy hiking sandals out there. All you need to do is choose your favorite!

1. WETIKE Kids Sandals

One of the greatest things about these sandals is that they come in a choice of seven colors. We all know that once kids set their minds on something, they can be very stubborn, and if they see a design they like, they won’t budge. For this reason, having a good range of styles is essential. 

But aside from keeping your little man happy in terms of how the sandals look, these diverse hiking sandals offer protection and comfort in equal measure. 

They feature a thickened toe area that will protect your toddler’s toes from impact with obstructions, preventing any unpleasant accidents. Furthermore, the sandals have a tough and durable rubber outsole that delivers protection from the ground up. This rubber sole also gives the child an excellent grip even when they are walking on slippery or uneven ground. Even better, the outsoles are designed to be non-marking so if your child runs inside with them on, you won’t need to worry. 

Children are usually the first to notice when a shoe feels even slightly uncomfortable but that is unlikely to be a problem with these. They have a soft EVA midsole that cushions the feet perfectly. 

There is also an internal mesh lining that is breathable and comfortable. Unlike some other linings, the mesh will not irritate the skin or cause chafing. The upper is made using a blend of leather and synthetic materials which are strong and flexible, giving your child the movement he needs.

The sandals are fitted with a two-strap, hook, and loop closure which is easy for even a small child to use. They are lightweight and durable enough for a wide range of activities.

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2. SAGUARO Breathable Athletic Sandals

If your toddler boy loves bright colors and intriguing designs then this is an excellent sandal to go for. They come in a massive range of colors, all of which are eye-catching and perfect for a child’s fashion sense.

Many adult hiking sandals are made from leather but a synthetic material can be just as robust and flexible, and this is perfectly demonstrated in these sandals. They boast a breathable mesh upper that allows for excellent airflow, keeping the feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. 

More importantly, the sandals have a very generous level of toe protection. Kids are much more susceptible to injuring their toes as they may not be as steady on their feet as their parents. Stubbing the toe can be easily avoided with a toe bumper like this one. 

The sandals have a robust rubber outsole with an anti-skid design that will stop your child from slipping even when the ground underfoot is not entirely smooth. Furthermore, this thick rubber acts as an excellent shock absorber making wearing the sandals a much more comfortable experience. 

Speaking of comfort, your toddler son will experience no pain or discomfort with these shoes since they are crafted with a soft EVA midsole that delivers an incredible amount of comfort while remaining supportive. 

They are easy to get on and off thanks to the wider than average opening and a convenient hook and lace fastening system that your child will likely be able to manage with limited help.

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3. KEEN Kids Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN is well known for its outstanding hiking footwear and these sandals are an excellent example of this. They are ideal for beachwear and when on vacation thanks to their quick-drying design. If your child goes for a splash in the sea, the sandals won’t remain damp and uncomfortable for hours, which can prevent chafing. 

One of the most notable features of these sandals is how easy they are to put on and off. If your child is just learning to fasten their own shoes, laces can be tricky. But with the quick lace elastic closure and the soft strap across the instep, your child will be confident in fastening their sandals in no time. 

They are fitted with a super quality toe bumper that will prevent any nasty bumps and boast a supportive anatomic footbed that will help to prevent unnecessary movement of the feet which can cause pain. The flexible midsole will move with your child’s foot while still keeping it supported from all angles. 

The sandals have a soft lining that will not cause irritation to the child’s skin and come in an excellent choice of colors to match the personality of every child. 

No matter where you take your son in these sandals, you can feel confident that he will have a good grip on the ground. The rubber soles have been designed with an effective traction pattern making them ideal for everything from a day at the beach, a trek through rocky mountain trails, or playing in the yard.

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What To Look For In Toddler Boy Hiking Sandals

There are a lot of choices when it comes to toddler boy hiking sandals, you only need to perform a quick Google search to be inundated with options. What’s more, each of these options will claim to be the best, so how do you know which hiking sandals are going to provide your son with the support and protection he needs?

When you are shopping for hiking sandals for your child, it is wise to take some time to look at the features and ensure that they will be fit for their purpose. Our handy buying tips will give you an insight into what to look out for.

Toe Protection

One of the first and potentially most important things that we would advise looking for when selecting your toddler boy hiking sandals is whether they have toe protection.

This is a critical feature because children are far more likely to walk into an object on the ground or trip and stub their toes. As we all know, this can be a painful experience and in some cases can cause significant damage to the foot. 

While sandals are open for breathability and warm weather, there are many options with a covered toe. These are ideal for children because even if they do catch their toes, no damage will be done. 

You should look out for rubber toe guards that are thick and durable and that will not wear down easily.

Outsole Pattern

If your child is going to be walking on rough, wet, or slippery ground, it is vital that there is a good level of tread on the sandals. Earlier, we talked about fashion sandals and when you look at the base of these, you will notice that they are usually smooth. 

This is what makes them entirely useless when it comes to an outdoor lifestyle as they are unable to grip the ground. 

Conversely, hiking sandals will have a deep lug pattern on the outsole which delivers a far greater tread allowing the shoes to stay firm on the floor, preventing your child from slipping. 

Furthermore, this type of footwear usually has a thick rubber sole and this material is far more adept at gripping the ground than other, synthetic materials.


If you are considering hiking sandals over other types of footwear, it is very likely that you will be planning on going somewhere that there is water; the beach, a stream, or even somewhere that experiences a lot of summer rainfall. 

This means that your son’s hiking sandals may become wet but fortunately, there are plenty of choices that have a water-resistant upper. Even if the sandals are over-exposed to water, they are designed to be fast-drying so that they do not become irritating on your child’s feet.


If a child feels that their shoes irritate them even just a tiny bit, they will soon take them off and refuse to wear them. For this reason, you must make sure that the hiking sandals offer an excellent degree of comfort, 

You can determine this by looking at the midsoles, typically an EVA midsole will deliver the softest cushioning but won’t compromise on support. 

Furthermore, you should make sure that the straps and lining will not cause any chafing or irritation to the skin.


One of the greatest joys in life is being able to share your sense of adventure with your child. But to do this successfully, you must make sure that they have the correct footwear. 

For summertime outdoor adventures and expeditions, there is little else quite as reliable and convenient as the hiking sandal, and the good news is that there are hundreds of kids’ products on the market. 

However, you must be mindful when choosing your toddler boy hiking sandals as you need to ensure that they have all of the features that make them protective and supportive as well as extremely comfortable.

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