Having flat feet is hugely common and usually, nothing to be concerned about. However, there is no denying that this condition can make finding a good fit for your hiking boots a bit of a challenge. That being said, there is no reason why, with flat feet, you shouldn’t be able to enjoy hiking and exploring outdoors. 

The good news is that there are several excellent pairs of hiking boots that have been designed with this exact problem in mind. In this article, we are going to be looking at the best hiking boots for flat feet and finding out what makes these boots so fantastic.

What Are Flat Feet?

Flat foot is a condition where the arches of the feet are sunken; you might also hear this being referred to as having fallen arches. It is a harmless condition and is seen in many people, so you are not alone if you have it. 

Rather than the midsection of the foot being slightly raised off the ground, those with flat feet will find that the entire foot is flat to the ground. Many children will have flat feet, but the condition typically rectifies itself by the age of six. However, in some people, it doesn’t, and they continue to have flat feet into adulthood. 

For the most part, flat feet are not something that needs to be treated, but there are some exceptions. You may need to see a doctor about the condition if you experience frequent foot or ankle injuries, pain, you only have one flat foot, or your balance is affected.

If you are one of the many people who have flat feet and no other issues, the only problem you may face is finding a shoe that fits well and is both comfortable and supportive.

The Best Hiking Boots For Flat Feet

It can be challenging to find the best hiking boots for flat feet; you may feel as though you have trawled through hundreds of products and still come up empty-handed. But this doesn’t need to be a problem; we have sourced five of the best hiking boots for flat feet in 2021, allowing you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in comfort!

1. Merrell Moab 2 For Women

These stylish hiking boots are made from a combination of suede and leather and feature a mesh lining. This mesh provides unparalleled breathability, which is essential in any pair of hiking boots or shoes both for comfort and odor protection. 

The shaft to arch measurement is 4.25”, offering generous support and the shoes come fitted with a durable rubber sole. These are perfect for very rugged terrain thanks to the 5mm lug depth. Whether you are traversing a steep path or one that is muddy and slippery, you can feel confident that you will have excellent traction. There is also a rubber toe cap for added protection on the trail.

Inside the boots, there is a removable insole so you can adjust the shoe to feel comfortable for you. What’s more, you have the famous heel air cushion, which is seen across this range of boots. This offers exceptional comfort and shock absorption. 

If the weather won’t relent, there is no reason that you shouldn’t still hike, and thanks to the  M Select DRY system, water will be kept out while moisture can escape. Your feet will stay dry and healthy, however tough it gets.

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2. Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots

If you are looking for a lightweight hiking boot that still offers an incredible amount of support, you won’t find much else that is quite as effective as this. 

These boots have a very high level of ankle support, which is even more critical for those with flat feet as there is a slightly elevated risk of injury. They feature an anti-skid sole and are made from durable yet lightweight materials that add to the comfort of the boot. 

Furthermore, the inner part of the boot features a Thinsulate material lining, which gives protection from temperatures as low as -30ºc, so there is no stopping you even when the weather turns bad. 

These boots come with an EVA midsole, which provides some of the most unrivaled comforts on the planter where shoes are concerned. This type of midsole gives excellent support and shock absorption as well as being lightweight and stable. 

But these boots don’t stop giving there; they also have a Hydro-Guard seam-sealed internal membrane that makes these boots extraordinarily water-resistant. Ideal for all weather and all types of terrain thanks to the stable traction and rubber toe cap.

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3. Salomon Women’s X ULTRA

One of the essential factors that are sometimes overlooked when choosing a hiking boot is whether the boots look good. In this case, these are extremely stylish pairs of hiking boots that come in a choice of four colors. But this certainly doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised for a trendy appearance. 

The boots feature a reinforced rubber sole that has two types of rubber intertwined for even greater traction on the most challenging terrain. They are entirely non-slip and incredibly supportive. 

What’s more, the boots have been designed especially for women, and the designers have taken note of the unique shape of a woman’s foot. This means that they are better equipped to offer more excellent support; this is partly thanks to the asymmetrical chassis. 

The Salomon boots feature an Energycell midsole known for its superior comfort and shock-absorbing ability. 

While we are confident that these boots will stand the test of time, they do come with a two-year warranty, which gives you that added assurance that these are an excellent pair of hiking boots.

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4. Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

Made in Italy, where hiking through the mountains is a favorite pastime of many, you can rest assured that experienced and knowledgeable people have made these boots. 

They are crafted from 100% leather and so instantly have a luxurious and durable feel to them. 

The fit of these boots is excellent, and this is thanks to a double tongue design, which is known to improve the fit and, therefore, offer a greater level of support.

This is reinforced by the tall cuff, which supports the ankle. What’s more, these boots are favored by those who work in a rugged environment, such as wildfire fighters, so you can feel confident in their performance. 

They are fitted with a Vibram sole, which is known to be one of the most effective where water resistance is concerned. They are also extremely durable and offer excellent grip on the trail.

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5. KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Boot

The measurements of these boots are excellent for those with flat feet; the shaft to the arch is 3.5 inches, and the boots come with a platform of 1.25 inches. But this is not the only thing that makes these boots a cut above the rest. 

They are made from a combination of leather and mesh. This means that you are getting a durable shoe as well as a breathable one. When you are out on the trail, it is vital that there is excellent airflow in your boots to prevent moisture build-up and odor. This feature makes these a great boot to use in warmer climates or during the summer months. 

One of the things that make these hiking boots stand out from their competition is that they are made from responsibly sourced materials.

The leather that is used does not go through the usual tanning process but is a more environmentally friendly one. Furthermore, all the materials are non-toxic.

You are getting that all-important EVA midsole for added comfort and protection. Overall these are an exceptionally durable pair of boots.

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What To Look For In Hiking Boots For Flat Feet

When you are out hiking, it is essential that you have the proper support for your feet, especially if you have flat feet. Failing to do this could mean that there is added pressure on the feet, and while flat feet on their own don’t tend to be an issue, you might go on to develop other conditions. 

Most commonly, people with flat feet may experience pain in the feet and ankles when walking over long distances. Furthermore, they may also notice that this pain radiates up to the hips and the lower back. Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the plantar fascia becomes inflamed, and this can be incredibly painful. It is evident that a good pair of hiking boots is essential to avoid these problems.  

If you have never shopped for hiking boots for flat feet, it is essential to learn what you should look for in this type of shoe. At first glance, it might seem confusing, but you can make the experience far easier by looking for specific features.

Ankle Support

People with flat feet may notice that they have a tendency to roll their feet inwards as they walk. This is fine day to day, but when walking long distances, especially over rugged terrain, this can lead to damage to the ankle joint. 

For this reason, it is vital that when choosing your hiking boots, you find a product with more significant ankle support. The boots should wrap snugly around the ankles, and this will prevent strain or pressure on the joint. What’s more, you will also benefit from fewer twists and sprains.

Arch Support

Another critical area of the foot that must be supported is the arch. Naturally, people with flat feet have much less pronounced arches, and if the proper support is not given, this can lead to foot fatigue and a fair degree of discomfort. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of hiking boots on the market that offers excellent arch support. As a result of this support, the tendons between the arch and the front part of the foot will not be required to work as hard, giving you a more comfortable hike as well as being able to go for longer.


Some of the higher-quality hiking boots can be relatively costly, but there is a good reason for this. These boots are typically made from much more durable materials, and this can go a long way in how well the boots can support the feet. If you purchase boots that are made from substandard materials, you will likely notice that they begin to lose their structure much more quickly. Once this happens, the boots will be rendered useless in terms of support.

It makes much more sense to invest in a top-quality pair of hiking boots from the get-go because while this may require a more considerable initial outlay, you won’t end up having to fork out for another pair quite as quickly. 

A good pair of hard-wearing hiking boots could see you through 1000 miles – not even the Proclaimers could go that long without a good pair!


The last thing you want is to be caught out on the trail in a pair of hiking boots that are causing you an intense degree of pain. It is always advisable to break your boots in before taking them on a hike, but even after this, if the boots aren’t designed with comfort in mind, it can be extremely unpleasant. 

There are a large number of hiking boots that feature a cushioned insole, one of the most commonly used being the EVA midsole. This offers incredible comfort and is also very lightweight. This material is filled with thousands of tiny air bubbles that absorb shock and are exceptionally stable. 

For those with flat feet, having a comfortable pair of hiking boots is even more important than usual. This is because the feet are more likely to become fatigued and require additional cushioning to prevent this.


An excellent pair of hiking boots is always essential, and this couldn’t apply more than for people whose feet are flat. This condition means that the feet are more susceptible to injury, fatigue, and strain, and proper support when hiking is a must. 

Fortunately, many footwear manufacturers have this problem in mind when designing their hiking boots, and as such, there are many on the market. 

These are five of what we consider to be the best hiking boots for flat feet. So pull on a pair, and don’t let a fallen arch stop you!

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